Integrating GotoHTTP with your system

We provide integration solution for your enterprise to build or improve product rapidly. Integration with GotoHTTP can save the time and cost of project, seize the market. If you have any integration or customization requirement, please contact us. GotoHTTP can be integrated with various system and devices. The following are the frequent used integrations, but not limited to them.

1. Integration with Web Application

It's very easy to integrate GotoHTTP with Web based application. You can navigate to our remote control page from Web application, or use iframe element to embed remote control page in your web application.

Remote control page URL:
Supported parameters:

Parameter Name Description
c Computer Id
pass Access Code
We recommend to use method post to pass parameters. You can add a form in your page, for example:
<form id="frm_ctl" action="" method=post target="_blank"> <input id="f_cid" type=hidden name="c"> <input id="f_pass" type=hidden name="pass"> </form>

The form has a attribute named "target" with value "_blank", it indicates to load remote control page in a new window. If there is no such attribute, the page will be loaded in current window.

If the target is a name of iframe,remote control page will be loaded in the iframe. For example: Your page has iframe element named 'gotohttp'.(The attribute 'allow' is for using microphone, camera and clipboard in iframe)
<iframe class="gotohttp" name="gotohttp" src="" allowfullscreen="true" allow="camera *; microphone *; clipboard-read *; clipboard-write *"></iframe>

Charging form target to "gotohttp", remote control page will display in the iframe after form submitted.

At last we write a javascript function as below:(Assuming jquery was used.)
function control(id,pass)

Then you can control remote computer by calling the function with parameters computer Id and access code.

Above code is only an example, you can change it according to the requirement of your project.

2. Integration with Native Application

To integrate GotoHTTP with native application,you can embed a Webview in application,then follow the instruction of above section Integration with Web Application

For Android,iOS and MacOS,you can use built-in Webview component, But for windows, system built-in WebView component does not fully support HTML5,thus you need a third-party Webview. If it's C# application, Webkit.NET can be used; If it's C++ application, libcef (Chromium Embedded Framework) can be used.

3. Integrating Controlled Side App into Android Device

If your are Android manufacturer, You can build GotoHTTP into system image. GotoHTTP supports Android 2.1 or later. If your device has configurated ADB TCPIP port 5555 or 5566 by default,You can download common installation package. If not,please contact us to request OEM installation package which can work if signed with your platform certifcate.

We also provide API for integrating GotoHTTP into your own APP.

4. Integrating Controlled Side App with Desktop Application

There are mainly 2 ways to integrate the controlled side of GotoHTTP with desktop application.

5. Server Integration

GotoHTTP server can be integrated with enterprise server via communication. Enterprise can get GotoHTTP service by one of the following 3 ways:

6. Screen Braodcasting in LAN

Screen broadcasting in LAN is an independent component from GotoHTTP. With using its API, developer can rapidly build application to broadcast screen and voice in LAN. Screen broadcasting also support screen wall, can remote control other computer, can remote control other computer and broadcast its screen. Our screen broadcasting can be transmitted to a computer in another LAN via cloud server, and the computer can broadcast screen to other computers in that LAN. Please contact us to get demo.

7. Android Screen Broadcasting in LAN

Android screen broadcasting is extension of desktop screen broadcasting. Developer can use the API or application to broadcast android screen to receivers.

8. Android Camera Integration

Android camera allows user to use android device as web camera. User can access the camera via internet from anywhere. We provide API to integrate android camera with your own application.